MediGreen Packaging Concepts

Back in 2017, I was subcontracted by Edmonton, Alberta-based real estate and marketing consulting firm Intelligence House to do help with a few creative concepts in order to land some new business. They were putting together a pitch geared for MediGreen, whose mission is to bring wellness to all its patients through a natural approach in the form of medical cannabis.


What was asked of me was to bring three products to life : a CBD-infused water, a health-conscious tea as well as vitamin tablets. The outline given to me was that the consumer was to be for both men and women, ages ranging from 25 - 50. High-end packaging that was meant to attract a professional consumer, removing the stigma behind cannabis products (remember, this was in 2017, so legalization hadn’t happened at that point which was a factor in how I was to approach the creative).

H2.0 - CBD Infused Water

After a few concepts were developed, I realized I wanted to push for a minimalistic approach to the creative. My vision was to steer clear from any branding that hit you over the head with any visual reference to cannabis. The market was already being filled with enough of that. As someone who tends to go for bright and bold design, I made a point to scale it back.

Make You Go Hmmmm?

The goal was to have the consumer stop and say “What is that?” with its minimalistic design. You won’t see an entire row of black bottles in the water section at Pusateri’s. The small pops of colour on each product effortlessly displays the flavour.

Beyond a Concept

The extent of this collaboration with IH was to create concepts for a pitch to MediGreen, so once my obligations to the project were fulfilled, I was released from the assignment. These were originally created in the summer of 2017.

Ph.T - CBD Infused Tea


This was a fun one to bring to life. When I got the download on what this lifestyle beverage was going to be, I got excited. The consumer was a Millennial. Someone who maintained a healthy regimen with either yoga or crossfit (or both). A mindful young professional who understands what it means to strive for balance in life.

Ph.T is a beverage brand ambassador for the new wave of cannabidiol products. A modern tea-based drink that educates those who aren’t necessarily in the know of the benefits of CBD. The name was a play on the sound of THC/CBD and PhD (educated).

Ph.T cans for the on-the-go consumer.

Ph.T cans for the on-the-go consumer.

What Makes a Brand?

When I started mocking up ideas for a logo, I looked into what CBD was. I’d known what it was, but not the extent of what it brings to the table as a medicinal product. During my research I came across a ton of images of the chemical structure of CBD. I was instantly gravitating towards using the hexagon shapes to mimic the structure. I could see it working so well in the branding. Angular lines, bright colours and a message.

Looseleaf tea for the more subdued Millennial consumer.

Looseleaf tea for the more subdued Millennial consumer.

The Drawing Board

When it comes to designing a logo, I go allllllll in. I really can’t help myself. I’ve included a screenshot of the first batch of logo variations I threw together for the brand. That isn’t even including the sketches I drew by hand (they’ve 100% made their way into a paper recycling program in Alberta, having probably been morphed into a Tim Horton’s cup).


We brought some pop culture into the mix by using well-known song lyrics as the names of each flavour. For example, the sleep-aide flavour was called “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, the anxiety relief flavour “Under Pressure”. The brand was also designed to be marketed to more than just only on-the-go consumers. Ph.T would also be produced in tea bags as well as tins containing loose leaf. The product is versatile.

Revive - Cannabis Tablets


The last of the three products that I was to develop a look for was Revive, a CBD-infused vitamin that would be geared towards an older, affluent consumer. They would almost be a futuristic view of the consumer for Ph.T, someone who takes care of themselves, but has gotten to a point in their life when physical ailments have started to creep in.


Marketed as a high-end supplement, I was inspired by luxe beauty fragrances. The focus on the branding was primarily the logo and colours. An almost inconspicuous look.


Below are some of the unused concepts for extensions of the Revive brand, or alternative packaging.