Fruit Basket



Bringing Queer flavour to PrideFest

During the summer of 2019, I partnered with LEFT Contemporary, a grassroots arts organization based in Windsor, Ontario to brand and market ‘Fruit Basket’. When I met with Luke Maddaford, the brains behind LEFT, he talked about his vision of a queer dance party.


The intention was to create an alternative to the mainstream events we usually see at Pride. The party was inclusive, hosting a wide range of people at LEFT’s new home on Pelissier Street (Downtown Windsor). Local DJ’s Qwiet Eye and Mirella spun some of the best disco and house music this small city’s heard in a long while, proving that you don’t have to be living in a gay mecca to have access to great music.

Honoured to have been part of this group of kids who came together to push the local queer scene towards a future of growth, inclusion and most of all : fun.


Below is a 7 day countdown I designed in order to create excitement for the inaugural event. These graphics were used as stories on Instagram and Facebook.

When I attended the party, one of the common things I kept hearing was that people were enticed to come not only to have a good time, but for the fact that the graphics were fun and made them want to party.


Photos 📸 by Czarina Mendoza