Taking A Stand with Heather Chauvin


Over the past few years, those of you that know me personally know the changes I’ve made in my life in order to become a more connected human during my time on this planet. Having gone out on my own as a freelance designer, I knew that I didn’t only want to work within the confines of the corporate world. I wanted there to be a strong relationship between who I am as a person as well as a professional.

I had put it out into the Universe that I wanted to attract work that was not only creatively freeing but also fulfilling in the subject matter / intention.


STRONGER THAN YOU THINK | One of the first steps in being the best version of ourselves is creating a strong base through our mental health. This design conceptually showcases how strength begins in the mind. The figure is neutral, almost genderless, but still very much human.

At the peak of my busy season last year, Heather Chauvin (Founder, Mom Is In Control Podcast) contacted me to potentially collaborate on a new campaign she was looking to launch at the end of 2018. At that time, I was on the fence about taking on another gig as I was working around the clock to deliver for my already growing roster of clients.

Once we spoke on the phone about who she was, what she was about, why she wanted to make it happen and the entire messaging behind Mom Is In Control, I knew that this was exactly what I’d asked for.

What Heather needed from me were various designs that would be sold in a campaign spreading Mental Health Awareness through the sales of uniquely designed apparel. The approach she wanted was one that took note of today’s struggle to maintain a healthy mind, especially in today’s youth.


MORE SELF LOVE | In this design, I was going for a visual representation of what ‘self love’ could look like through typography. The flow of the font is like energy to me.

The lettering is intentionally interconnected, in the same way everything within us is interconnected. The movement from one letter to the next flows nicely, just like when we practice ‘self love’.

As someone who has been on a similar personal journey, I knew that I was the perfect fit: a designer who could marry their distinct creativity with the understanding of what it takes to center the mind in a world that doesn’t support creating space to look within ourselves.

What you see here are the final products of the campaign. Three main taglines were born: Take A Stand, More Self Love and Stronger Than You Think.


TAKE A STAND | The letters represent people. We should all stand for something. Each letter is similar in style and look, but slightly different. Just like we are as humans.

They are both connected to one another and separate. Like a community. When we get together, support one another, we become part of a larger entity.  This is taking a stand. Embodying your own ideals as an individual within a larger community.

Heather wearing the Stronger Than You Think tee.

Heather wearing the Stronger Than You Think tee.

This creative collective aims to raise $50,000 for local Canadian Mental Health. Shop these unique designs today at heatherchauvin.com/shop.